JC Video Streaming Script

Build Your Own Video CDN Easily

Note: This product does not depend on any 3rd party resources, it will always keep working and thus we will never provide any type of refunds at all. Bug Fixes and Feature Improvements will be provided through updates in different times. Please read our Terms & Conditions first and if you have any questions please contact us on Skype or, Telegram before placing an order.

Product Description: JC Video Streaming Script is a very advanced PHP script for streaming videos from your own servers. You can build your own video content delivery network very easily. This script does everything, starting from uploading videos, encoding them to multiple resolutions (qualities) and playing them to your users/visitors.

It’s time to ditch 3rd party Video Hosting websites with a whole lot of shitty ads and no money!

Live Demo:

How this works: This script has 3 parts Core Script, Encoder Script and Storage/Streamer Script. All of the parts are required for to make the script work properly.

Core Script establish connections between Encoder Script and Storage/Streamer Script, at the same time it stores all information and help you to manage everything. Uploaded video and subtitle files will be stored on this Core Script’s server temporarily and they will be transferred to Encoding Script’s server eventually.

You can host this part of the script on any kind of server that has good network speed, good connection to Encoding Script’s Server and can handle total page views you are going to get on the player page.

Encoder Script fetches the video files from Core Script’s server and encodes the videos to multiple resolutions (qualities) based on your settings and also create video preview images. Once videos are encoded they will be transferred to Storage/Streamer Script’s server including the preview images and subtitle files. Even if you choose not to encode videos and want to stream the original file yet you still need Encoder Script, as this will be the only bridge between Core Script and Storage/Streamer Script.

You can host this part of the script on servers good for video encoding (if possible, servers with GPUs) and a decent amount of SSD/SSD Accelerated storage with a good network connection to both Core Script’s server and Storage/Streaming Script’s servers.

Storage/Streamer Script fetches the encoded/non-encoded video files, preview images, subtitle files from Encoder Script’s server and store them in the Storage/Streamer Script’s server and also provide a hotlink protected video & preview image link to Core Script.

You can host this part of the script on servers with a good amount of SSD/SSD Accelerated/HDD storage (based on how much videos you want to store), good amount of other resources like CPU, RAM and also with a good worldwide network connection that is suitable for video streaming.

More Questions: If you have more questions regarding JC Video Streaming Script, need suggestions for choosing server or, want to buy servers from us then create a Sales Ticket or, get in touch with us on Skype / Telegram.

Skype – live:contact_38242
Support Systemhttps://support.juicycodes.com/en/

Product Features:

  • MP4 and HLS Video Streaming
  • JW Player Version 7 and 8 Available
  • Flowplayer & VideoJS Available
  • Supports Multiple Video Formats
  • URL Upload & Bulk Video Upload
  • Up to 1080P HD Video Encoding
  • Web Optimized Video Encoding
  • Encoding Settings For Each Quality
  • Supports SRT / VTT format Subtitles
  • Real-Time Upload and Encode Progress
  • Supports Unlimited Encoding Server
  • Supports Unlimited Storage Server
  • Supports  Multiple Encoding Process
  • Advanced Hotlink Protection Included
  • Different  User Roles Available
  • Awesome Admin / User Dashboard
  • Add Pop + Banner Advertisements
  • Advanced Yet Easy Controls
  • Free 6 Months Updates
  • Free Installation Service
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • Affordable One-Time Payment

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