Terms & Conditions

By purchasing any product from our store, you are agreeing with all of the terms and conditions mentioned below -

  1. All payments made to us using any payment method are fully non-refundable. Please don't make payments if you have questions. You should also read our knowledgebase before buying for frequently asked questions.
  2. If you open a dispute case and you lost it then to restore your services you need to pay an administration fee of $20.99 USD, please discuss with the support team in details before creating dispute cases.
  3. Our product delivery can take up to 72 hours, but normally it shouldn't be more than 24 hours. Please be patient and if needed get in touch with our support team.
  4. Our products are by default comes with single installation allowance at the same time which we do mention as Single Domain License.
  5. We don't allow reselling any of our products, please don't do so to appreciate our work. But doing so will result in permanent license suspension.
  6. We are not responsible in any way for the usage of our products, we don't promote any type of illegal usage of our products.
  7. We don't guarantee updates for any of your products, releasing new updates fully depends on availability of different solutions and on our decision.
  8. We don't provide support for server side issues, but you can purchase our system administration service to fix your server side issues.
  9. Our SLA for support is 72 hours, in work days it should not be more than 24 hours. We don't provide technical support over skype or live chat.
  10. Any external sources used by our products like Google, OneDrie, Yandex etc can limit your usage for various reasons, this is beyond our control and we are not responsible for it in any way. Contact us if you have questions before buying.
  11. JUICYCODES has rights to change Terms and Conditions and change Products Prices for everyone or, individual clients without any prior notice.

Thanks for reading our Terms & Conditions. Please don't go against our Terms & Conditions.