Google Drive Player Ultimate API

API Service For Streaming Google Drive & Photos Video Files

Note: Whatever the current status of this product is we don’t provide refunds neither we guarantee updates. Please read our Terms & Conditions or, contact us on Skype or, Telegram before placing an order. Also, we are not responsible for bandwidth limitation on 3rd party sources for a single video or, whole account as our script does not bypass any type limitation.

Product Description: Google Drive Player Ultimate API is affordable API service for getting streaming links for video files stored on google drive and google photos.


  • Works For IPv4 and IPv6 Networks (Visitor’s IP Address)
  • Google Drive + Google Photos
  • Streaming + Download Links
  • Blazing Fast Response Time
  • Unlimited Request, Zero Limits
  • 99% Server Uptime Guarantee
  • Affordable Recurring Payment

This is an API service only, no script / plugin is bundled or required to use this service. But you need to buy this API service if you wish to use our Google Drive Player Ultimate Script Or, Google Drive Player Ultimate WordPress Plugin.

But as this is a Standalone API service so you can buy only the API service and can build your own script or WordPress plugin. You can buy this based on your requirements, the lower API requests you need the lower is the price. Also, there is no fixed time frame for you to use your API requests so you can use it for 1 day or 1 year. Purchasing this service is easy too, if you purchase it for the first time you will be provided with a unique API key and if you purchase next time you can still keep using your existing API key.

API Documentation:

For FAQs about this service, Read Our Knowledgebase. Sill if you have questions left create a support ticket here.


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